Expedition cruising appeals to travellers who are interested in nature, adventure, and learning about the world’s most remote and untouched places while enjoying the comfort and safety of a cruise ship. It offers a unique way to explore and appreciate the beauty and diversity of our planet’s most pristine environments.

Expedition cruise ships are smaller in size compared to traditional cruise ships, allowing them to navigate narrow waterways, enter shallow ports, and get closer to wildlife and natural attractions.

Expedition cruise ships, despite their focus on adventure and exploration, often offer luxurious amenities and accommodations to provide passengers with a comfortable and upscale experience.

From the start, Aurora Expeditions was destined to be different. Co-founders Greg and Margaret Mortimer had a passion for adventure. Their aim was simple – to take small groups of travellers on voyages of discovery to regions that inspired them, thereby creating lifelong ambassadors for the preservation and protection of these sacred places. Less people means more solitude and greater flexibility if tides, currents, ice or weather dictate a schedule change. And because we have fewer people to ferry ashore, we often make more landings.

From humble beginnings on the Great Barrier Reef 40 years ago, we have taken our unique style of Australian expedition cruising to the far-flung lands of the Kimberley, Tasmania and the Small Islands of Japan and Papua New Guinea. Wherever we go, we have one purpose – taking small groups of like-minded explorers to the most remote parts of the world with expert guidance and warm Australian hospitality.

Committed to taking care of our guests, wildlife, nature, and the communities we visit, we’re setting a new standard of sustainability for the travel industry. We look for people who are passionate about exploration and travel as well as their profession and career. Together, we inspire adventure and play our part in delivering on a promise of guest-centric and memorable experiences. Together, we make tomorrow better – for each other, our guests, the places we visit and the planet as a whole.

PONANT Expedition cruises are the ultimate blend of refined luxury and adventurous exploration, even in the heart of the most remote regions. Our small-ship Expedition cruises not only provide a high-end travel experience, but also allow you to go on a voyage of discovery to far-flung corners of the Earth, accompanied by top-quality services and experts on the regions visited.

Chart a new course aboard Seabourn Expeditions, a world-class experience of comfort and luxury as we journey to exotic locations briming with natural wonder. Experience our world-class amenities as our outstanding crew guide you through adventures around every corner, whether by foot, splashing across the surface of the water, or diving below in our on-board Submarines.

An expedition with Silversea luxury cruises is unlike any other form of travel – thrilling, awe-inspiring and humbling all at the same time. We take you to some of the planet’s most remote regions and show them to you intimately. Our cruises are for the curious traveller who longs to see an orang-utan in the wild or what lies behind the next mountain ridge. Our expedition ships sail to all seven continents so that you can experience everything from the lush rainforests of the equatorial Pacific to the polar extremes at the tip or toe of the world

Our expedition ships have a dynamic positioning mode that allows them to hover in place when anchoring is difficult, providing guests with more comfortable small craft embarkation for excursions. To further enhance guest comfort, our ships feature both fin stabilizers that reduce rolling while sailing and a U-tank stabilizer that reduces rolling by nearly 50% when the ships are stationary.

Spacious Staterooms and Suites

Luxury expedition cruise ships typically offer spacious cabins and suites with well-appointed furnishings, private balconies or verandas, and elegant décor. Some suites may include separate living areas and additional amenities.

Fine Dining

These ships often feature gourmet dining experiences with multiple restaurants and dining venues. Passengers can enjoy culinary delights prepared by skilled chefs, with menus that highlight regional and locally sourced ingredients.

Premium Beverages

Many luxury expedition cruises include high-quality wines, spirits, and beverages in their fares, allowing passengers to enjoy premium cocktails and wines without additional charges.

Cultural Immersion

In addition to wildlife encounters, luxury expedition cruises may focus on cultural immersion, with opportunities to interact with local communities, attend cultural performances, and visit historical sites.

Expedition Leaders

Luxury expedition ships employ experienced expedition leaders who guide passengers on excursions, share their knowledge, and enhance the overall experience.